Forms & FAQ's

Return Kit Forms:

Returns are only accepted at 1800 North Keystone Street, Burbank, California, 91504

Sheet A - Welcome Letter / Return Kit

Instructions to determine classification of your shipment

Sheet B - Emergency Response Info / Return Packing List

Emergency response info (side 1)
Return Packing List Disposal Receipt (side 2)

Shipment Classification Instructions and forms:

Sheet C - Expected Package Return/Instructions for UN2910

Shipment for packaging reading less than or equal to 0.5mR at the surface, or Excepted Package

Sheet D – Instructions and Forms for UN2915 (Yellow II)

Shipment for package reading greater than 0.5mR at the surface, or Yellow II

Frequently Asked Questions

 - Co-57 flood sources

 - PET sources

 - Specialized SPECT

 - DEALER Information

If you have any questions, please contact the EZIP Medical Imaging Customer Service Team @ (866) 476-9767